Tumeric Recipes

Long before Advil... Tylenol.... Codeine.... Aspirin there was a magical root that provided incredible pain relieving power.

Can you guess ? ✨TURMERIC!!! ✨ 
This bad boy is one of the most anti inflammatory compounds on this PLANET !!!

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Flu Season :: Probiotics

Flu Season: Probiotics

With cold and flu season in full swing, I would like to take some time to share with you some thoughts on our immune system, what it does and how to protect it.  The best kind of flu is the one you can prevent!  This installment deals exclusively with the gut flora and probiotics.

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What is a doula anyway?

Growing in popularity and use is the hiring of a labor doula or birth worker, to support the birthing process from start to finish. A labor doula is a support person who has responsibility only to YOU, the mama. She has your best interest and you needs in mind, and works to support emotionally and physically.

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