Tumeric Recipes

Long before Advil... Tylenol.... Codeine.... Aspirin there was a magical root that provided incredible pain relieving power.

Can you guess ? ✨TURMERIC!!! ✨ 
This bad boy is one of the most anti inflammatory compounds on this PLANET !!!

Pictured here is my go to concoction when I am dealing with Pain, but you can turn to this for almost anything ranging from colds and flu to general wellness and detox! Pictured is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to intake turmeric.



For this recipe I recommend a cold press juicer if possible.


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After juicing, add
#honey raw organic unprocessed and black pepper

Take a big gulp every few hours when treating acute pain.

Take a big gulp (or shot glass) per day if treating general wellness.



This recipe is a warm tasty non-dairy milk version of an anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

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#coconut milk 
#honey and #black pepper

Warm up the coconut milk on the stove.

Add desired amount of turmeric powder - one teaspoon to start.

Bring turmeric milk to boil for 1-2 minutes.

Add a dash of black pepper and honey to taste.